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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning, it is coming up at 6:00 a.m. and i am reggie aqui >> the morning after the super bowl and we are glad you are with us, meteorologist mike nicco brought us gorgeous game day winner with possible record temperatures. >> we had a few records yesterday and we will have more today. oakland and downtown at the airport in san jose all setting new reports. the next three hours nothing on live doppler hd. we show you the beautiful exploritorium, or embarcadero story from the exploritorium at bi15. 42-58. quite a spread. 66 to 68. by noon, 4:00 is 70 to 74 and rounding out the 12-hour day planner at 7:00, 50 to 60. >> i have three developing hotspots and one is the bay bridge toll plaza with a crash extending to the foot of the maze so add on extra few minutes at least 25 minutes and we are going to the hotspot westbound 80, two accidents are in the same spot, blocking the three last lanes and traffic is backed
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up for miles to the cartinez bridge and that is causing delays right now. highway 4 to the maze is a good 30 minutes and we are tracking poll new injury crash southbound 80 with an update on that. >> everyone to the exits, bay area airports will feel the super bowl crib this morning as people start to head home from the game. both broncos and the panthers fans are filing into the airports this morning and of course, the (coes are happy after winning super bowl 5024- 54-10. and we are there for you. amy hollyfield? >> yes, reggie, it is crowded throughout the morning and the denver fans are excited to go home so they can celebrate with their city. the carolina fans have been more quiet this morning. here is a look at how it look outside at the curb side drop off. the manager on duty this morning tells me they prepared for this.
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they held their security check points open all night long. they usually close them from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. and they have extra people at the car rental republican counter and travels say it is super early, and they are half asleep walking through the terminal. >> i am half zombie because i slept half an hour or an hour. but it is okay. they inwithed us when we came we needed to be here early because of all of the people. >> even the airport restaurants and shops opened early at 3:30 this morning to welcome all the superior travelers 30,000 more people are expected to pass through the airport today than a typical monday the i just checked with the airport spokesperson and he said no problems reported but to keep it running smoothly they are advising people to get here three hours before the flight.
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>> good to know. you can now park at the vista point to enjoy views of the bay bridge and san francisco bay with restricted parking during super bowl week to keep traffic move on the span. officials lifted restrictions allowing only tour buses and taxicab and ride share services to drop off visitors at the point and the visitor's center. >> we are look at super bowl super bowl city. the buildings are up. but that will not last. the party is over. it will take time to clean up. we are looking at one half of the embarcadero, which still closed. >> still closed. it will remain closed through today. tomorrow. when. even on thursday morning's commute. it is not anticipated to re-open until friday morning. super bowl city was a huge success by every measure. concerts were filled to capacity and tens of thousands of people checked owe the pop-up city during the leadup to the game.
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now, the excitement is over and the process of tear down has begun. one light fixtures one wall panel at a time of the many commuters are ready for the city to return to the presuper bowl state. >> we have a use for our streets if this city. we use them, as well...streets. it is an imposition when people build a structure in the middle of market street. >> her is a map of the streets, you and if you had to drive in the city at any point dug the past couple of weeks you are familiar with the street closures and the detours. the super bowl committee said that tear down should be completed on thursday so everything should be become to normal by friday. another reason to look forward to the weekend. >> only on monday, already looking forward to the weekend. >> it is all quiet at levi stadium this morning, it want
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the case yesterday, 70,000 fans packed the place for super bowl 50 and mostly there were no big problems. officials say all of the planning paid off. fans moved out of stadium with ease. police moved in on a group of men in a fight but only a handful of arrests were made the generally, the locals fell the city did a great job. >> like christmas lights on january 1, or december 26, can you snatch up super bowl 50 gear today at a discount with a fan appreciation day. all super bowl 50 gear is half off at the 49ers official team store at levi stadium. super bowl champion products are not included in the sale and doors open at 8:00 this morning if you want to check it out. >> a no one am play from the bay area san francisco congratulated the denver broncos all lit up in broncos orange and navy and recognition of the big win. the building was lit up for a
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few hours and now back to normal. >> amazing. >> dedicated fan are probably still celebrating in denver right now, this is the scene as thousands wearing the navy and orange gathered in the street moments after the (coes became super bowl 50 champions. police say they had to people more spray a few fans getting out of control. police arrested a dozen people mostly for criminal mischief. >> there was only one minor security issue. the f.a.a. said three aircraft violated airspace near the super bowl. all were re-directed out of the no-fly zone without incident. you can download other news app for super bowl highlights by enabling push alerts for instant updates. >> two are dead and another critically wounded in marin city. it happened before 11:00 a.m. during a large fight at an apartment complex near col. drive and drake avenue.
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the mother of a victim said her the mother of a victim said her son, 29 years old, >> he was a good guy. >> his father-in-law was will killed and the sheriff said they identified and arrested everyone involved in the fail shooting. >> a rehab center for sex offenders in san francisco is the foe kiss of a meeting today. sharper future is relocating to the former out of the closet location. many who live there are upset because hundreds of students live in the area and there is a petition to prevent the row location. residents will discuss the next move today. >> terrifying situation in israel when a semi truck flips on a bridge looking two people dangling above a ravine with incredible rescue ahead. >> apple c.e.o. creating
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controversy with a tweet he sent after the super bowl. >> a look from walnut creek despite the chinese new year, we have traffic backup, and we are tracking that and you can watch tracking that and you can watch the track
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>> welcome back at 6:11. two degrees in antioch can five degree cooler in livermore but concord is the biggest change at 16 degrees warmer, running at 59 through the san ramon valley and only 42-44 degrees and lafayette is 56. you can see the temperatures in the 50's around the bay shore and san jose is 46 and 55 in novato. here is a look at walnut creek and how quiet is the weather is. in the afternoon hours, get ready for temperatures inland at 72 to 77 around the bay at 71 to 78 and the coast is 70 to 75 and breezy in the east bay hills up to 39 miles per hour, and 70s holds on through thursday but for in san francisco. a couple of bad accidents. francis? >> growing hotspots in the east bay so heads up if you are going westbound 80 through pinole. there could be several accidents right in the same spot, the last lane is blocked and motorcycle involves in the crash of the traffic is backed up for five
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miles. all way to the cartinez bridge. it is a crawl. also, another developing hotspot is southbound 880 a big-rig involved in the accident so a slow ride sub880 through her hard and thises with an early stall across the san mateo bridge reported in the high-rise and there could be a separate accident right now blocking the last lane and here it is still looking good approaching the high-rise but there is slowing to san mateo. reggie and natasha? >> look at your screen for a m we have video from israel this morning. this truck just flipped over leaving it dangling over a bridge, a father and a son inside. the video came in with the truck positioned off of the bridge in galilee, israel, two people, a father and son, were trapped when it overturned. crews used a crane and basket to get close to the victims. though managed to put them to safety and they only had minor injuries. officials blame high wind for pushing the truck on to its
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side. >> president obama heading to the bay area and how his visit will help the democratic presidential candidates and the mess last after rough seas mess last after rough seas rocked a ship off mess last after rough seas rocked a ship off (abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea.
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walnut creek correct, burlingame, campbell, by bay the people are going do need a vacation from the vacation. look at the mess on a cruise ship after it was tossed around in rough seas off the carolinas passengers tweeted of being stuck in the cabins on royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. and others posted 30' high seas and powerful wind, royal caribbean said this is no real damage to the ship but as you can see some things broke. the hip is arriving in florida today after it was coming from new jersey. >> leave will come to the south bay this week and he will travel to the san jose area on wednesday and spend thursday attending several fundraising events for democratic candidateses. he will spend the weekend in palm springs and host a summit of southeast asian nations. >> our digital team kept tags on everything going on as the team of reporters were ready to watch
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the big game and the day started early. mike shumann and the news team ready to roll at our loading dock and he gave the prediction of who who wins. >> we take a poll and everyone thinks carolina will win, and they probably should but the football gods citizen in maybe peyton manning can have the last victory before walking away. >> it came toking, the football gods stepped in and at levi stadium wayne freidman tweeted this saying that people were just drying around for ambience. >> and here is a picture of steph curry and his wife, and spores director larry beam tweeted hanging out with dr. awesome. here is larry and shu hard at work during the game. we saw the fans stream out after the memorable win by the
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broncos. thanks to everyone who followed along with the super bowl press pass. can you follow us twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> if your favorite team let you down the super bowl ads did not disappoint. last year advertiseers received criticism for airing dark ads. this year they prosecute back the funnies. a favorite? girls getting their hair done by their nfl dads. >> put the bow inside the braid. >> how cute is that. the ad with the more serious message like telling us not to drive drunk tock a lighter approach. >> if your brain was donated to science, science would run it. >> it comes at a price, advertisers paid town $5 million for 30 seconds of commercial time. >> we will check with amy hollyfield for a look at what is coming up at 7:00. >> good morning, reggie and
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natasha, next on "good morning america" we are talking super bowl 50, the denver broncos winning with the highs and lows of the game and peyton manning justs to discuss the big victory. next on "good morning america" today. >> 11-year-old from san jose had an exciting night on the sideline of the super bowl. in the days leading up to the big game covered the big story. the young football lover weighed in on the action on "good morning america" this morning. >> i was rooting for the panthers but they had a lost turn overs and things to fix, over all game was really good. peyton manning did really. so did the broncos. the defend was awesome and that resulted in them winning the super bowl. >> she is a natural. the rest of her interview is this morning on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here.
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>> apple c.e.o. tick cool is getting slack for a photo tweets after the super bowl ended last no. you will see it is blurry, the tweet was meant as congratulations to the broncos and people online immediately mocked the know to quality and suggesting that he used a samsung galaxy or nexus for better results. >> isn't it possible he sent a a text. >> or someone was like...and it is blurry. mike does that to me all the time the >> if beyonce is falling into you by accident... >> and he took it vertical... >> he is adding to the fire. >> the haters... >> i don't hey the weather. all the weather will be great. here we go, live doppler hd showing it is dry outside and look at the dominant area of
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high pressure push the storm track all the way into the gulf of alaska pulling our arctic air down to florida the next couple of days. san jose is clear and 46 degrees, right new, grab the sunglasses, record warmth again today, and records tomorrow, and the heated will slowly ease but why see any significant rain, possibly for two weeks? region by region we have record highs with 77 at san jose, santa cruz and gilroy at 78. mountain view at 76, redwood city at 74, check out 75 at half moon bay today. deals, 70. in the low 70s in downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito at 70, that is as cool it is in the north bay. santa rosa record high at 77 and napa record high at 75. record high hayward at 72. oakland, 74. moving inland, 72 in concord. tonight is come but not the scrapcy of this morning and not
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so fast. a lost mid-to-upper 40s inland and low 50s an the bay and the coast and tule fog is sneaking into the delta communities and possibly our inland east bay neighborhoods tomorrow morning. my seven-day forecast shows 60s back to the beach on wednesday, and friday and inland by saturday. frances? >> a lot of slow traffic across the san mateo bridge. possibly another crash reported with blinking lights c.h.p. is en route to the scene blocking a left lane. it is a jam. from the toll plaza to the high-rise. we have been following two jams for you westbound 80 at pinole valley road a motorcycle crash blocking two left lanes and a crawl as you make your way through hayward approaching tennyson with a big-rig accident. we are check out drive time along the stretch and the westbound 80 drive is five miles backup costing you 34 minutes from the cartinez
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bay bridge toll plaza is next. michael finney is answering your questions next. >> and iphone users are complaining the latest cell complaining the latest cell phone video update has shut down
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>> over the welcomes thousands complained of error in an update to the apple iphone 6, when
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they installed the operating system, because the device have been shut down. apple said it is measures to protect customer security but many say the error should be advertised by apple. >> this you go. and enjoy ask finney. >> we are tack weeing all your questions and this is about a fashion item. >> where do you go to find a great pair of sunglasses? >> wow, that is a great question. here is where i would go, the underground on sutter street is located in san francisco, they sell designer sunglasses or regular glasses at a deep discount and they get last area's models, overruns, odd colors from all sorts of manufacturers and they sell them at a deep discount. >> i need sunglasses. >> that is a inside insider tip. if you have a question for michael finney record it on smartphone or tablet and send it to the maim on the screen or
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post it to social media with # askfinney. your questions will be antithe right here. >> help for crabbers impacted by the ban this season. >> cam newton walked out of the post super bowl press conference. what made him get up and leave. >> a look from our camera on mount tam, a beautiful sunrise looking from marin right now. looking from marin right now. we will have weather and
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> that is new video of how people reacted in the mile high city after the denver broncos won the super bowl. you can hear and see traffic came to a standstill as fans honked in celebration. >> love that. in the bay area bronco fans are ready to go back home. this is a look at sfo at 6:30 in the morning, long lanes for fans of poet teams forming now. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. we will start by look at the weather and you will need sunglasses today. it will be warm. >> absolutely. warm with recording falling leak he did in oakland and san jose yesterday. nothing on live doppler hd, for
6:31 am
rain, no clouds, already looking warm from mount tamalpais and some areas are warmer than our average highs so we are going to get higher from there starting off in the 40s and 50s. by noon we are in the mid-to-upper 60s and by 4:00, low-to-mid 70s and delightful evening in the 70s. frances? >> we have bad traffic spots including the bay bridge toll plaza an injury crash reported in the last lanes and you can see it right here in the shot, blocking some of the car pool lanes and one of the cars is on its side and this is going do cause things to back up more and it is jammed into the maze. westbound 80 the ride or crawl from the cartinez bridge to the maze is almost an hour. that is because of the very heavy traffic approaching several accidents at pinole valley road blocking last lane. i have an update on the crash in hayward coming up. >> what a game. peyton and the broncos beating
6:32 am
cam newton 24-10. the party has come to an end. so, now we evaluate how the bay area did. matt keller is at levi stadium. matt? yes, reggie, clean up will take a long-term when security guards expect to be here until at least february 20 to keep an eye on everyone's stuff. what a party at levi stadium. more than 70,000 people here from the super bowl. some were more heavy than others and the planning and logistics pay off in the end. santa clara police on bicycles moved in on a group of young people would got in a fight but the arrests were made and handled quickly. super bowl 50 was mostly positive and many people gave the host city rave reviews. >> absolutely amazing. [ inaudible ] >> mindblowing. >> noting was mind blow, a broncos player called the
6:33 am
stadium turf "terrible." 49ers have had trouble with it still the stadium open and now the nfl dealt with the issues. the nfl will have to repair the soccer fields next to levi stadium used as a staging area for media and security. the nfl promised to get them back in, working order to the santa clara youth soccer league by the beginning of march. >> if you are planning to head to the airport this morning you may want on give yourself extra time, officials at san francisco international airport expect an additional 30,000 travelers to pass through today as all the football fans make their way home. amy hollyfield is monitoring all of the cancellations and delays with a look at the crush and how the airport 40s -- hopes to handle the extra traffic. >> bart is run longer trains toto get passengers there faster. bart is coming off of a huge week and it broke a weekend record on saturday with more
6:34 am
than 419,000 passengers beating the previous record by nearly 100,000. crews are getting back interest gather today to catch up on routine maintenance that has been put off. >> super bowl city close with the game at 3:00 p.m. and tear down started five minutes later, crews back out there today. we are joined with how long it will take to get downtown san francisco back to normal. >> good morning, natasha, if you build it, they will come. that is certainly turnout to be true. tens of thousands of people checked out super bowl during the nine days of build up to the big game but we did not have a similar mantra to talk about the tear down process. this morning, can you see there is already progress but do not thing the commute will be back to normal any time soon. driving by super bowl city before 3:00 this morning, about 12 hours after tear down began,
6:35 am
i could see the exterior panels on self of the temporary building have already been removed and the main structures are still standing. some in san francisco are more than ready for the neighborhood to return to normal, with hundred saying, it takes a week to set up super bowl city but ten minutes to set up and tear down a half time concert? >> this is a map of the affected area. if you have driven into san francisco any point the past couple of week you know the closures and detours. the host committee said that tear down will be completed in time for friday morning's commute. we have to get through most of work week with the same detours and delays you have experienced for the past couple of weeks. >> look like you have the best you have of the sunrise. >> i do. >> stunning. >> the bay area set the bar
6:36 am
really high for super bowl celebration from start to the finish. ♪ o' say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light >> there were high expectations leading to lady fog's rendition of the national anthem and most people said she nailed it. fans were saying in a different way she "slayed it," and that translation means it was a powerful and moving performance for everyone. for everyone. >> a start the game. super bowl mvps joined in the honor from the 49ers and raiders. the patch they ares -- the panthers won the toss. >> do you recognized that guy?
6:37 am
steph curry not shy who he was rooting for. he grew up in charlotte and is a huge fan. ♪ hold you up ♪ hold you up ♪ hold you up >> say what? superstars beyonce and bruno mars and cold play brought peace and love message and wowed the crowds at half time. whoa, whoa, whoa that is beyonce almost taking a tumble and recover like a queen. we saw young fans all over the field and energy peaked when bruno mars and beyonce had a dance off and she launched a new song "formation." when the half time show was over the commercial comes up and what is it for? beyonce's tour 2016. >> so close yet so for away
6:38 am
describing the familyings of the panthers and fans you can hear and see the us television in cam newton. >> can you put into words the disappointment you feel? they played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> it was a short news conference and end abruptly when he stood up and left the body jim and did not answer any more questions just saying "i'm done." >> this could be biggest question in america this morning, what will peyton manning do next? the broncos quarterback refused to say if he will retire after leading denver to victory and kept future plans under wrap on "good morning america," as well. >> to take some time after this game and not make an emotional decision. it has been a lot of emotions in
6:39 am
the past two weeks. to take time and get away and reflect on what has happened this season and a few other things. >> you can hear more from peyton manning coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> download our news app for super bowl highlights and be sure to be able push alerts to get instant updates on breaking news. >> crabbers and businesses hit by the derailed crab season can apply for federal help today and tomorrow, the small business administration will be at the santa cruz yacht harbor to help crash fishermen and business owners apply for low interest loans. crab season was supposed it open in november and the allergy bloom made it too unsafe to eat the crashes. >> now a check with frances with the hotspots developing. >> it is horrible. especially at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the injury crash blocking the last
6:40 am
lane, traffic is backing up beyond the maze, withed -- backed up to highway 24, half an hour. san mateo bridge is not a good option, either, westbound traffic is slow approach the high-rise because of an early crab, and i am getting reports the crash at the toll plaza is now a sig-alert so it could be out there for a while. not a great option to drive, bart is the best bet with no delays and muni is looking good and streets are still closed near super bowl city so they are re-routed through the area. you can consider v.t.a. and southbound 880 is jam through hayward because of the big-rig accident with slow traffic and new crash reported westbound 5 580. it is just a bad traffic morning but mike has much better news. >> that escalated quickly, it was quiet most of the morning. speaking of escalate quickly how about traveling across levi stadium at 292 miles per hour a
6:41 am
minute? that is what astronaut scott kelly did on the international space station. here is his lonely vantage point of the game and how san francisco and oakland and all the areas looked last night. >> speaking of south by, a lost mid-40s and 50s around los gatos and cupertino and low-to-mid 50s around mountain view to milpitas and 41 at dan ville and microclimate, san francisco is 72, and south bay at 77, and maybe the last time we see the embarcadero until thanksgiving and temperatures in the 70's tomorrow, and 60s and 70s window and it cools on thursday and a chance rain in the seven-day forecast with more on the record highs. natasha and reggie? >> if you hope to grabally post for lunch you have to delay that lunch. they are shutting down for several hours today.
6:42 am
>> another potential buyer comes >> another potential buyer comes forward for yahoo and what
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live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." >> people are getting on planes now and the rush is on for football fans to got out of here. today is expected to be a busy one at local airports and our reporter is with us on how the get away is going. >> they think today is going to
6:45 am
be the busiest day during the super bowl. let me step out of the way to see, a picture of the security check point here in term terminal two is crowded and it has been steady all morning. but manageable. it is about what was expected. and say they are pleasantly surprised it is not worse. here is a look outside of cars arriving, and sfo is expecting 30,000 more people today than a typical monday. they get the security checkpoints open all night long can they usually close them between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. and they kept it moving saying it looks like some came straight from the game. travelers say they were warned it would be bad, and are fining right now that it is not too bad. [ inaudible ] >> i least santa clara this morning around 3:00 to get here and...i am happy it is not... >> restaurants and shops at the
6:46 am
airport will opened at 3:30 this morning to accommodate the super bowl fans. it has been running expectly. we do have a new challenge to throw into the mix, boston is canceling flights because of weather. if you are headed to the east coast check your flight. everyone else, get here three hours before your flight. >> at sfo for abc7 news. >> thank you. president obama and first lady nuclear time to celebrate the game yesterday. the white house tweeted out the photo of the president playing ball with one of the first dogs and at laugh time they tweeted this photo showing the obamas with bo and sunny and they had a super bowl party with three options, a kids area near the pool, champagne room for less avid viewers and watch party in the white house treaty room for hardcore fans. >> we tack about a great super bowl photo, right? this is from levi stadium, who is next to him?
6:47 am
david beckham. he has a lot great photos, scanning through the instagram account. >> just great photos. i don't know how he has access to david beckham but i am sure a lot of people are jealous. post your photos on #abc7now. now we will check on wall street , down 240 points. >> over to jane king at the nasdaq with the money report. >> hello, tack about a super bowl hangover with the markets today, but that in a second and now chipolte's outbreak is over the company is shuttering the restaurants for a few hours today. they are closing from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. around lunch time with a four hour meeting with all of the staff of all of the restaurants to talk about food safety. >> verizon could be interested if buying yahoo saying they could be interested for the
6:48 am
mobile video and advertising platform. verizon is buying aol right now. the average price of gasoline has dropped eight cents the past two weeks to $1.82 a gallon. the price is 37 cents a gallon cheaper than a year ago. aaa said the average in san francisco is $2.56. the highest average prize in the lower 48 is in los angeles at $2.62 and the cheapest in tulsa. the stocks are showing selling down 236 and savopoulos down 28 and the nasdaq under the most pressure and twitter hit a new all time low this morning with oil prices down in general, worry of the global economy. we saw europe and we cannot blame china the markets are closed all week for the lunar new year. >> and now, on the bay bridge it
6:49 am
is getting better. the early sig-alert has been cancel at the toll plaza because of an overturned crash that was blocking the car pool lanes can my last report message crews have cleared but, hurt overunfortunately, it is backed through the macarthur maze up to highway 24. also, we will take you to a few more hotspots checking out the maps, southbound 880 jammed from 238 all the way to tennyson because of a big-rig accident blocking the left lane and early crash has been cleared from the high-rise but it is just a crawl backed up to 888, as well. westbound 80, it looks like they may have cleared some of the crashes and it is orange rather than red. that is good. drive time is improving. it was an hour from cartinez bridge to the macarthur maze. a motorcycle crash reported with very red slow traffic out of livermore and i will check out the drive times for you, as well, and i will check on the
6:50 am
website and a new accident reported on westbound 80 near texas and that is blocked the left lane. it has been really busy, guys and i am sorry but it is slow. however, the weather has been quarterbackive. >> welcome back, frances. you have not missed a beat. here is a look at live doppler hd, napa at the lower elevation at 15 miles per hour, and east bay hills has fastest in the higher elevations around 40, so a restless night. sfo is cleared but they reporting 35 minute average delays for arrivals. total sunshine, record highs, and dry for the next two weeks but do not give up on winter yet. everyone is calling el nino a bust on social media but we still have a couple more months. today it looks like it is a bust when you look at around san jose at 77 and gilroy, record high
6:51 am
temperatures. on the peninsula, too, mountain view at 76 and redwood city 74 and half moon bay is at 63 right now. warming to 75 this afternoon, and daly city, sunset, 70, low 70s downtown and south san francisco and north bay at sausalito at 70. one of the warmest is the record high in santa rosa at affluenza hayward at 72, record highs and inland east bay, concord, 72 degrees, possible record high. tonight the winds are lighter, mid-to-upper 40s and temperatures are more uniform; we will watch the tule fog that will sneak into the delta and inland communities tom morning. i will track it. sue will be back tomorrow if we have accidents. frances? here is a look at my seven-day forecast final by saturday, temperatures are back in the 60. back to you. >> happy chinese new year today is the going of the lunar new year so huge festivals are
6:52 am
taking place around the worm. >> my good luck red on. >> thank you. 2016 is the year of monkey the 9th animal in the chinese zodiac festival with the festivities lasting 15 days. san francisco is always a huge center for celebration for this. more than 200' long golden dragon will move through the street on the 20th. today, there is a flag-raising ceremony at san jose to mark the new year, this is the 111th year the vietnamese heritage and freedom flag has been raised and the mayor liccardo city council member and member of the vietnamese community are expected to attend. >> we back with 15 things you need to know before you go. >> take us with you at the news >> take us with you at the news app it is fre
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are seven things you need to know. one, an early injury accident at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is clear to the banking lot but check out the backup: a shot from sky 7 shows traffic backed up beyond the macarthur maze, a good what hour wait and westbound 80 is a coal because of the early crash in pinole. two, the bay area scored a touchdown for host super bowl 50. local fans and those who came from out of town felt security, public transportation and events leading to the game were a complete success. three, a busy day at the bay area airports with go seeing an increase in the number of passengers with an additional 30,000 travelers expected as fans make their way home
6:55 am
>> the big game hype us and san francisco is work on getting back to normal with crews dismantling super bowl city and the nfl experience at moscone center and take a few days for herman plaza and streets to re-open. >> check out the beautiful picture from sutro tower, total sunshine today and record high temperatures. inland, 72 to 77, around the bay, 71 to 78, and even the coast is warm at 70 to 75 so watch out for the dangerous rip currents. all the coast guard is monitoring a royal caribbean cruise ship caught in rough weather. passengers tweeted of rocky conditions and waves at 30' high as the ship heads to florida. >> a new warning for iphone 6 users this morning, thousands of people have taken to social media saying their devices stopped woring after they upgraded the latest version of ios9. >> abe 7 continues right now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> we are back in 25 minutes
6:56 am
with more news and weather and traffic and we could have record temperatures on the way. >> absolutely. if you are at the cost or inland we have reports ofry where dead with fin official reporting stations and 12 of them are going do have record high temperatures. we will do it again tomorrow. see new 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. the denver broncos run away with the championship. >> the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> their devastating defense grounding cam newton. >> the ball is out in the end zone. >> and powering past carolina. a super ending for peyton manning, becoming the oldest qb to lead his team to the title. was this his final game? peyton manning is joining us this morning. one-two punch. two powerful storms moving in. 25 states in the crosshairs. new england under a blizzard warning. and this cruise ship caught in hurricane-force winds. thousands ordered to take cover in their cabins. overnight, bill clinton lashes out against bernie sanders and his supporters. >> vicious trolling and attacks


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